Basic Bruschetta (Grilled Bread) Recipe

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It’s been since I was a little kid that my dad used to make a simple Bruschetta for the family during dinner. We would sit at the table in the kitchen while he was grilling the bread on the grilling pan and the smell of grilled bread was filling the room.

So simple but so delicious.


  • Pane Toscano (Tuscan bread) sliced
  • 1 clove of Garlic
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt

How we make a simple Bruschetta:

  1. Slice the bread, and pour some olive oil on the slice. Put the slice on the grilling pan (previously heated up).
  2. After a few minutes flip the bread. If you want to create criss-cross grill marks on the slices turn them sideways, after you marked the vertical lines on them. At this point the bread should be nice, warm and crispy.
  3. Take a clove of garlic and scrub it on the bread. This way you won’t have a strong flavor of the chunks of garlic but instead, a nice garlic flavor on it.
  4. Spread some salt and enjoy it. I personally prefer coarse salt because I like to have the crunchy texture.bruschetta recipe template1

Eat it while it’s still warm!

What you’ll have is a delicious warm and flavorful bread. The flavor of the salt, of the olive oil and the garlic, mixed together with the toasted flavor of the grill each bite you take… Can you find something more simple than this? It fills your soul. Mine for sure at least hehe

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